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  I really love this leash! It feels sturdy enough for my 100 lb dogs, yet the handle is easy on my hands. The stitching is quality and very tight. There are similar leashes being offered on Amazon that have a section of braided leather at the clasp end, a design I avoided since I'm using this leash for training and needed good solid leash response rather than the "springiness" of that braided section. I've read some complaints about how stiff the leather is, and like lots of new leather products, it is a bit stiff. This doesn't impact the use and I know it will just get better and better with age, unlike so many pet products sold today that fall apart in a few weeks or months. It's so nice to find a quality item for a change. I'll probably be purchasing another one of these leashes in the future, just because I have several dogs and would like to use two leashes at a time on occasion.

Mountain L

This leash is fantastic. It's light enough to work with a 9 lb lab puppy and softens up nicely over a week of constant use. She's not allowed to chew it but when she does grab it for a quick bite it rebuffs her sharp little teeth with ease. The length is great and the hardware is sturdy. I expect it will last the life of my dog! I've been training multiple dogs over the last 15 years and this leash it's just what I needed for my newest addition.

Carol L

Great quality. We are very happy with this leash. Our 55 lb golden doodle has gone through 3 Petsmart leashes that have the elastic. At $20-25 a piece I should have just bought this from the get-go. She's a strong pup and of course just a quick chew or 2 in her mouth degrades the integrity of the Kong elastic leashes. At first the leash will make the area where it is smell like a Wilsons leather store(I didnt mind it- it was kind of nice). After a week or two it goes away. Since its real leather its tight at first, but with frequent uses and actually just bending it with your hands it will loosen up.

Julio Vaunswa

I bought this leash after my dog was attacked while walking her with a cheap nylon cord type of leash. That leash made it hard to control her and dangerous. Spent a lot of times reviewing leashes and ended up buying this one. Total Quality A very well crafted product. Great premium leather, and a very solid buckle. This product truly earns a 5 star rating.

David S

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